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Ushuaia: The Most Unique Place In The World

The southernmost in the world, Ushuaia, is a town in the country where Messi was born and the sexy tango is the dance of Argentina. Ushuaia is a settlement of Tierra Del Fuego Archipelago, which is majorly visited for its closeness to the continent of Antarctica and the accessibility to reach the same through different vessels. This place has a lot of adventure sports to try your hands on while travelling around the Ushuaia region are hiking, skiing, kayaking, scuba diving along with sailing.

The Argentina population gets driven to this place for the sole reason of getting a higher wage as compared to other areas. The different places to visit when around the Ushuaia region are:

  • Parquet Yatana
  • MuerdoMarítino and Museo Del Presidio
  • Iglesias De La Merced
  • Cass Beban
  • Legislature Provincial

When talking about getting some appreciable treat to our tummies, it won’t be any bad idea to get some tasty dishes from Kalma Resto, Kaupé, and Volver and chez manu. If in case you are staying here only for a day and are in a hurry then spending the respective day hiking in the mar5ial glacier or simply a boat tour around the river and cities, towns would be a good idea. The adventurous part of the travel can be topped off with a jump to the old museums to check out the museum and gain some insights about the history.

In researching, I found out that the people who travel this area can stay up for the night at accommodation facilities like the austral, Patagonia Jarke, Led Eclaireurs wherein the best and  quickly executable way to get around is using the public transport which is somewhat cheaper than an individual taxi.

This is a one in a million place definitely, so never visit this place with a tight schedule. Keep a leeway of at least a week specifically for this.