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This West Midlands City Is Like No Other

Birmingham is the largest city in the country after London and its geographical location provides a great starting point for exploring the Melvern Hills, a picturesque spot in the country. The canal which you will spot in the city all around is a product of the Industrial Revolution, which shot the city to productivity and fame. The city is very famous for the foods and the cultural festivals that it hosts and more specifically the celebrations of St. Patricks. Apart from this, the city is also very well known for its jewelry collections. If you are visiting Birmingham then you can also visit Coventry which is the motor capital of the country; this is located just 20 miles off Birmingham. Explore the wide squares of the city along with lively streets and do not forget to do great shopping. From my trip to Birmingham, I will take you around a few places which are a must visit:

  • The Historic City Center is the most famous hub in the city if you want to catch the best of Victorian Architecture. It also hosts the Symphony hall, which is the home to some of the best musical performances and concerts in the country.

  • Birmingham Art Gallery is famous for the art of course, but there is one section which makes this better – known for. It is the huge collection of wooden toys which are more than 6000 in number and some of them date back to centuries. This collection is specifically known as the Pinto collection. Visiting this museum will give you a glimpse of how the city life was and the way of working people before and during the industrial revolution.

This city is a must visit on your trip to England and we suggest you book your stay for a week here.