Scotchwood Candy Company
Scotchwood candies are traditional English Toffees and Crunch that melt in your mouth - bite after bite.
Scotchwood Testimonials

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“You have a “gold mine” of flavor in your hands. I have eaten sweets from all over the world, and actually have a Mom who is a chef, and your toffee is the best I have ever eaten. Who can beat the cry from tastebuds for something sweet and “always” fresh? Scotchwood! Once you try it; you can never deny it! For as long as you make it, no matter where we are livng, we will forever be loyal customers! God Bless!”

- Cindy, Edmond, OK

“I was writing to tell you that [a friend] gave me a bag of your toffee for Christmas, and it was without a doubt the very best toffee I've ever tasted! It was not too sticky, not too chocolatey (but chocolately enough!), excellent flavor ...absolutely amazing! I've added your website to my "Favorites" and [I] am looking forward to using your toffee for future gifts, especially Valentine's Day.”

- Anne, Madison, WI

“Your family toffee recipe is wonderful. It has a very unique blend of just the right amount of CRUNCH texture and the NOT TOO SWEET flavor of chocolate. Your dark chocolate toffee is my favorite. It’s not too hard and melts in your mouth. I enjoy toffee and yours is the best I’ve tasted in a long time. Can’t wait ‘till this holiday season to purchase a big supply. May even share with the family.”

- Donna, Shell Lake, WI

“I have had Scotchwood English Toffee on a number of occasions and always found it to be consistently excellent! This is the best!”

- Joel, La Crosse, WI

"I was giving my oldest daughter a bag of Scotchwood English Toffee at Easter when she glanced at it and said "Ah, no thanks." While at her house during Easter I brought MY OWN BAG (for me, no sharing) and she again said "I hope that isn't for me." I said "NOPE it is ALL MINE!" and opened it while I was there -- she reaches in and grabs a piece and was like, "Oh my gosh this stuff is awesome." After practically prying the bag out of her hands to get a couple more pieces, I said "OK you can have the rest." and she says "Oh OK...these TWO LITTLE pieces that are left?" I said "You could have had a whole bag for yourself, but, you snooze you loose."

I am telling you, your toffee is the BEST!"

- Danette, Chetek, WI

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