Scotchwood Candy Company
Scotchwood candies are traditional English Toffees and Crunch that melt in your mouth - bite after bite.
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Shhh...the Recipe is a Family Secret

Timothy Wood - President, Scotchwood Candy Co.For over ten years Timothy Wood and his wife Mary have been making English Toffee for a wealth of family and friends. After many repeated comments about its excellent quality, flavor and crunch, the Lord inspired the decision to bring the family-famous toffee to the world. Armed with a secret toffee recipe and many years of perfecting the hand-made process, this delectable delight is now available to you!

"We trust you will enjoy our confections and agree with our other satisfied customers – it’s simply the best!"

– Timothy Wood

Handmade in La Crosse, WisconsinOrder Scotchwood by phone: (608) 784-3189