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Keene, New Hampshire – A Charming Downtown For Everyone

Keene is indeed a lovely town and one can visit this city anytime of the year. When you take a tour, enjoy some of the quintessential New England town’s restaurants, stores, and other amenities. The best part is you find them all situated right on the Main Street. The charming downtown Main Street also has movie theatres of retro style and many more. The candy store, pizza joints and antique shops are the top attractions for tourists here.

Central Square

Central Square has a fair resemblance of New England’s downtown district and there is everything you want, be it restaurants, clothing stores, coffee shops, handmade craft shops, bike shops and many more. The downtown is an ideal place if you wish to explore the square. There is a beautiful park here and all in all it’s a vibrant spot one should visit.

Colonial Theatre

Colonial theatre is an old refurbished building which offers comfortable seating for people of all age groups. I have personally enjoyed their concerts, comedy shows, plays, movies and much more. It’s a fun place with an elegant decor and if you are in Keene, this theatre will thoroughly entertain you.

Cheshire Rail Trail

If you like adventure, the rail trail is an ideal place as you can enjoy hiking or simply walk while you enjoy the scenic beauty. There are wonderful wildflowers that you cannot stop admiring. Along the way, one can hear the sound of excursion planes from the airport and also capture railroad remnants, concrete pads and an old post box.

Horatio Colony Museum

When I visited this museum for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised as it’s so well maintained and preserved. It is informative and many tourists across the world visit this museum as the tour guides have clear information about every little fact and the same is explained to visitors.

Erie, Pennsylvania – Welcome To The City Of Beaches, Lakes And Trails

Are you planning a trip to Erie and want to know more about the place before landing there? Well, it is good to keep yourself informed about the place you are going to visit, especially when the trip is for a short duration. I have been to place before and I think my experience will help in planning your tour more fun filled.

Erie is a city in Pennsylvania and it is located adjacent to Lake Erie. Thus, the city has plenty of lakes, trails and beaches and all of them have a mesmerizing beauty. A simple walk on the roadside will give you so much pleasure when you are here. However, there are certain places present in Erie that you should never miss visiting. These are Presque Isle State Park, Erie Maritime Museum.

The other places you can visit in Erie are

  • Flagship Niagara League

This place is has every worth visiting and will give you some fresh air breath. This USS Niagara is also known by the name US Brig Niagara. This is snow brig with wooden hull. It is wonderful to have a look of it.

This is the park where you can enjoy plenty of water activities. The park is just the name, in reality it is the complete recreational place. You will plenty of things to do here. We thoroughly enjoyed swimming in fresh water, hiking, bird watching, boating here. If you are travelling alone, then do not worry about companionship, you will find here many likeminded people.

  • Bicentennial Tower

This is another wonderful place in Erie and you should not miss it. This is basically an observation tower. If you have not visited any before, then don’t miss the opportunity. My experience was spectacular. The tower gives Eric Lake panoramic view, which is breathtaking.

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Hartford, Connecticut – The Home Of Mark Twain

Hartford since its origin has not only become the state capital, but also known as the world’s insurance capital. There is a plethora of historical attractions, a dedicated center for arts and entertainment, a beautiful riverfront and peaceful parks along with public gardens. This was the place where Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn were born as per the imagination of the renowned author Mark Twain.

The Mark Twain House & Museum

A historic site in Hartford which was once the home of Mark Twain and this is where we wrote out most of his important work. The house is indeed beautiful and the commentary expressed by the tour guide indeed captivates the mind of every tourist. The exhibits in the museum are worth glancing and I definitely recommend every tourist to pay a visit to this museum as it’s worth every bit.

Hartford Stage

The famous stage offers productions which are imaginative in nature and every visitor begins to visualize. There is classic drama, music for children, new voices, and much more suitable for everyone. I find the theatre cozy and every seat provides a better view with great sound. When you visit the stage, you won’t be disappointed at all as it offers great quality productions which make your visit worth it.  There is adequate space for parking in case you are planning to get your vehicle and all you need is a prepaid pass for parking before the play begins.

Connecticut Science Centre

I had a lovely experience here as my whole family loved the museum. We didn’t leave any nook and explored every bit we could. The exhibits displayed here are interactive and the kids thoroughly enjoy being here as they learn while playing. This museum is suitable for people of all age groups as it’s a good learning experience for everyone. I visit this place more often because it gives a sense of contentment and happiness when you are here.