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Lugano: Breath in the Beauty of Nature

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Lugano is a picturesque lakeside city that is popular for scenery. It is called the Monte Carlo of Switzerland. This was my first visit and I fell in love with its natural beauty. It has a laidback lifestyle and attracts a lot of visitors every year. Here is a list of few things that you should do when you are in this city.

Lake Lugano

One of the primary attractions of the city is the lake. The glacial lake is situated on the border of Switzerland and Italy. You will find temperate trees along with the cypress and the citrus trees. There are various water-based activities that you can try out. I went boating on the lake. If you don’t want to do all these, simply sit back and relax.

Parco Civico-Ciani

Just beside the lake is the great park of Civico-Ciani. This park covers an area of 63,000. If you want to spend some quiet time away from the bustling life of the city then you should definitely visit this park. The garden is filled with all kinds of trees starting from lime, maple, plane, and the oak trees. If you are visiting with children, do not worry. There is a play area for them. I also found a Natural History Museum inside it along with the Cantonal Library.

Monte Bre

Monte Bre is the closest mountain that you will find in Lugano. You will be able to reach through funicular lane. The small village of Bre is worth a visit. Here, you can go mountain biking. I went hiking through the trails to explore the natural beauty of the village. The observation point will offer you a view of the whole lake. Apart from the lake, you will also be able to see the Bernese Alps and Monte Rosa.

Erfurt – Scenic Mountain Views and Medieval Charms

If you want to explore the medieval charm and cultural vibes in the heart of Germany, I was told that Erfurt is the town to stop by. It was one of the towns that escaped being bombed during wartime. It was also preserved by the Communists when they ruled East Germany. I enjoyed walking by the cobbled streets here and looking at the historic buildings, so well preserved that it feels as if we are walking back in time.

Stop by the Merchants Bridge

This is a spot in the city that can be described as picture perfect. Locally known as Kramerbrucke, it is one of the inhabited bridges of Europe. There are rows of tall, half-timbered buildings that are colorful, by either side of the bridge. The medieval merchants used to sell dyes here; there are several local stores here which sell crafts and artworks as well as jewelry.

Visit the Domplatz Cathedral Square

This can be your next stop as it was mine. Here I discovered two churches that are of unique architecture – one is the St Mary’s Cathedral of Gothic style while the other is St Severus Church which comprises of three spires. There is a staircase that connects these two churches and becomes an open-air theatre in summer months.

Shop at the Fischmarkt Square

Once you have taken in the sights and historic landmarks of the city, plan to spend your afternoon in this market square. Summer months you can indulge in bratwurst and beer here or Gluhwein in winter months. We also walked to the nearby monastery called St Augustine’s.

Take a Trip to the Hilltop Fortress

This is another pleasurable hike or tour that you can take here. This Petersberg fortress is strategically located on a hilltop and scenic views from here are charming, to say the least.

What You Can Watch In Tegucigalpa?

This is the capital city of Honduras and one of the favorite vacation destinations for people living in nearby areas. If you are planning to see this city without wasting your time and energy, here are some of the important spots of that city that you should visit.


  • National Park, La Tigera


This is Honduras first national park and in your first visit itself, you will see why it has been named as a national park.  The park is spread in the area of 238.21 square kilometers. In the park, you can see wildlife in its natural habitat, most importantly tigers.  It will give you the experience of an adventure trip.


  • Christ at El Picacho


This is another fantastic tourist destination in Honduras.  This is a monument standing on El Picacho hill. The statue stands at the height of 4,353 feet from sea level.


  • National Identity Museum


This museum is devoted to investigate, acquire, disseminate and to conserve all materials that are associated with the history of the people of Honduras. The museum has been constructed in the palace of ministries.  It is one of the most visited museums in Tegucigalpa.


  • Our Lady of Suyapa


This is the most popular religious image of Honduras. This is the statue of Virgin Mary mother of Jesus Christ. The statue is also known by the name Virgin of Suyapa. This is the statue made from cedar wood.


  • St. Michael the Archangel Cathedral


This is Catholic religious building. This is also a famous spot in Tegucigalpa and popular because of its history and ancient architect.


  • Naciones Unidas El Picacho Park


This park is one of the main attraction city kids. It is about 6km away from Tegucigalpa and has a massive size Christ statue that gives a wonderful panoramic view of the city.

Come Spend Your Vacation In This Charming Town

If you are in the Santa Cruz canton, then you have to visit Tamarindo. It is really the beautiful and developed beach town. The place has many beaches which are beautiful and serene. It is a rocky and long beach which receives really amazing waves at the shore.  My friend, Andrey told me you can surf at the beach where there are two main breaks- Pico Pequeno and El Estero. Pico is a rocky point and El is a river mouth from Cabinas Tsunami. The rest of the beach is really good for learning to surf. There are other amazing and enjoyable activities at the beach; the activities are body surfing, diving, zip-lining, snorkeling, and horseback riding, fishing and estuary trips. We had a great time here when we went for our vacation.

The beaches are really clean, so, you can enjoy spending the time on the beach without coming through bottles and stuff in the sand.

There are amazing and engaging stuffs that can be done in the city. The activities which I recommend are:

  • Estuary Safari
  • Horseback riding
  • ATV tours
  • White Water rafting class/tubing
  • Massages
  • Kayak Tours
  • Scuba diving
  • Tours
  • Spa and Beauty
  • Sport fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • Sunset sailing
  • Surfing lessons
  • Sailing
  • Tennis classes
  • Turtle Nesting tours
  • Zip Line/ Canopy tours

You can buy or rent the surfing stuff from the shops available in the city. There is a branch office located in the regional law. There are four big supermarkets in the City. They are Auto Mercado- It is well maintained, air-conditioned and on the main road towards the city. Super 2001- It is on the main road but at the end of the Tamarindo. Super Mercado Las Palmeras- it is located just after the entry of the city, opposite of Aqua. Super Compro- it is hidden from the regular public and is next to the park. There are three banks in the city. There are farmer’s markets in the city.

Cape Breton: A Trip To Reconnect With Nature

Cape Breton is a lot different than the regular places of Canada. To spend some days far away from the city and reconnect with nature has been a great experience. Believe it or not, you can spend the whole summer checking out things in here and yet be left with things to experience and see. In case you are planning to visit Cape Breton, here is some must-do activities that you need to experience.

  • Stopover at Highlands Provincial Park

Whenever you are on a trip to Cape Breton, do not miss out on this. I loved the Cabot Trail that offers a view of the stunning coastline and beautiful park. Stop and marvel at the natural beauty and the mesmerizing views. Reach the beach and spend some relaxing time.

  • Take a walk along Bog Trail

A part of Highlands Provincial Park is Bog Trail. If you do not want to get wet, keep your feet dry by taking a walk on the boardwalk. This will help you to explore the bog. While I was walking on the trail, I came across pitcher plants, dragonflies, frogs, and giant moose. It is fun walking amongst nature.

  • Have ice-cream at the lighthouse of Neil Harbor

There is a small ice-cream parlor at Neil’s Harbor Lighthouse. It serves some delectable ice-creams. A patio wraps around the lighthouse. This overlooks the coastline. You are simply going to love the ice-cream while you enjoy the view.

  • Enjoy the lobsters at Baddeck

Do not forget to have the lobster at Baddeck Lobster Suppers. They also serve other dishes like mussels, chowder, snob-crab, and dessert. The best part about this place is that the seafood is all fresh and mouthwatering. There are some single dishes to have if you aren’t feeling extremely hungry.

Fussen: Exploring All The Fabulous Attractions

This summer, I decided to visit the charming city of Fussen. Most tourists tend to ignore because of it being close to Munich. However, it is going to be great fun if you plan a road-trip from Munich. There are various things to do and see in here. When you visit Fussen, here are few things that you can do.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Even though it is not technically in this city, this castle is one of the attractions which draw people to Fussen.  I drove to Schwangau, which only took about 6-10 minutes.  While there we found it amazing and with much rich history and detailed architecture.  This is the most popular castle in Germany. I have to say this is the perfect destination for spending the night.

Altstadt Von Füssen

Füssen’s town center is pretty small. As a matter of fact, you will be able to walk through the streets and check out what it has to offer. There are several shops. I got some souvenirs for my loved ones from here. The food served by restaurants here are delicious.


Take a walk from the town center of Fussen to reach a place where you find Lech plunging into the Lech Gorge. There is a bridge here, you can onto it. This will allow you to stand over the falls. I was truly mesmerized by the view that it offered. The scenery is so great. The background of the limestone mountain range is a sight to behold.

Treetop walkway

About half mile from Austrian border is Lechfall. You might miss it if you do not take a good look at the map. Towards the right of the border, you are going to come across a treetop walkway. This is at a height of 68 feet. Either start from Germany to reach the Austrian side or the opposite. This walk was a field with scenic beauty and I clicked several photos.

Freiburg: Enjoy The Sunniest Spot Of Germany

Freiburg is a city that you will find at the edge of Black Forest. Believe it or not, it is the most livable city in Germany. It is most sustainable cities to be found on the planet. I found so many things to do and see in this city. You are never going to run out of options. Some of the best things you can do when you are in Freiburg are as follows.

Freiburg Minster

This used to be the Romanesque church of the thirteenth century and it is going to take more three hundred years to be complete. Irrespective of the destruction caused in 1944 to places around Münsterplatz, the minister suffered only minor damages. The artistry of this place simply amazed me. The archivolts and tympanum on a portal have over 400 stone carved figures towards the end of the 1200s.


There is a pedestrian square of cobblestone around the minster. It is filled with historic monuments. I visited on a Tuesday afternoon and found that there is a market that trades. However, the market trades every day except on a Sunday. This square had been flattened out in 1944 by the bombs. In the market, you will find regional produce, exotic spices, and handicraft. I took some souvenirs for my relatives and loved ones back at home. This is a great place to shop.

Historical Merchants’ Hall

Just beside Münsterplatz, you will find a Renaissance structure that has been made into a market storehouse. The building had been constructed in the 1530s. I marveled at the beauty of the structure. There are three statues which show the 3 Holy Roman Emperors.

Freiburg Bächle

Your trip will be incomplete if you do not visit the little waterways in Old Town. It is called the Bächle and is fed by Dreisam River. You can take a walk around this place and have the delectable food served by the cafes there.

This West Midlands City Is Like No Other

Birmingham is the largest city in the country after London and its geographical location provides a great starting point for exploring the Melvern Hills, a picturesque spot in the country. The canal which you will spot in the city all around is a product of the Industrial Revolution, which shot the city to productivity and fame. The city is very famous for the foods and the cultural festivals that it hosts and more specifically the celebrations of St. Patricks. Apart from this, the city is also very well known for its jewelry collections. If you are visiting Birmingham then you can also visit Coventry which is the motor capital of the country; this is located just 20 miles off Birmingham. Explore the wide squares of the city along with lively streets and do not forget to do great shopping. From my trip to Birmingham, I will take you around a few places which are a must visit:

  • The Historic City Center is the most famous hub in the city if you want to catch the best of Victorian Architecture. It also hosts the Symphony hall, which is the home to some of the best musical performances and concerts in the country.

  • Birmingham Art Gallery is famous for the art of course, but there is one section which makes this better – known for. It is the huge collection of wooden toys which are more than 6000 in number and some of them date back to centuries. This collection is specifically known as the Pinto collection. Visiting this museum will give you a glimpse of how the city life was and the way of working people before and during the industrial revolution.

This city is a must visit on your trip to England and we suggest you book your stay for a week here.

Bath: This Countryside Town Is Sure To Enthrall You

In the countryside of southwest England, there is the beautiful tourist place, Bath which is popular for natural scenic, especially hot springs and Georgian architecture approach of the 18th century. Bath stone; a honey-colored stone is extensively used in the architecture of the town. The museum premises comprise the Great Baths, statues, and a temple. Wondering what to do while in Bath? Let’s get the guide.

  • Roman Baths

Roman bath house and temple, with spring water, Pump Room restaurant, museum and audio tour for kids. Prices are reasonable and there are plenty of facilities and staff is also very friendly. The Roman Baths are a must see for anyone traveling to the UK. The water is green, but still hot. You won’t be disappointed making an effort to come here. Spend up to three hours here to see everything. The bath water you can taste for yourself at the end (purified) it does not taste that special though as the sights!

  • Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey is a parish church in Bath; a late medieval church with a Victorian Gothic interior by Sir George Gilbert Scott and tower tours; a very nice place with great atmosphere and service. The performance by street musicians, gives the square outside the romantic vibe. It is free entry but worth making a donation to such a stunning building. I would highly recommend seeing this just before the Roman Baths.

  • Pulteney Bridge

Pulteney Bridge is an arch bridge in Bath, England. Historic bridge built in the 17th century with notable architecture & rows of stores lining each side. Beautiful place and an amazing boat trip are you fancy a relaxing hour. It’s a bridge lined with shops and cafes and the views were even better! Great to just have a cup of coffee and chill!

  • Thermae bath spa

Modern glass and stone spa with thermal waters, Roman origins and an open rooftop swimming pool at Bath; I had an amazing afternoon, good facilities, very friendly staff and also the price wasn’t too high; great variety of steam rooms and great view from the rooftop bath. Steam rooms and sauna level are ace. The top open-air pool is fantastic on a clear evening too. Service is good; Best to book though. The queue outside can be up to 2 hours during busy periods. Definitely, use the train offer too to double your time off you can.

Vancouver – An Exotic Holiday Destination

Located in British Columbia, Vancouver is a well-known seaport city in Canada. The place has been ranked as one of the well-living cities in the world. The city is a blend of urban architecture and natural wonders like city side beaches, lakefront forests, and snow-clad mountains. During my weeklong holiday, I enjoyed lots of outing activities. Mentioned below are some of the best places in my list.

  • Stanley Park

Situated along the borders of Vancouver downtown area Stanley Park spans across 1001 acres of land. The waterfront park is flanked by English Bay and Vancouver Harbor. The historic park was incorporated in the year 1886. The place houses, dense forests with centuries-old trees. The view of the Lions Gate Bridge from the Prospect Point is amazing in the night. The place is popular for its Seawall walk, aquarium, hiking trails, exotic foliage, and gardens.

Your visit to Canada cannot be complete without a trip to Granville Island in Vancouver. The place houses renowned theatres, fine art galleries, a broad marina, and a huge public market. The place is perhaps the largest hub of entertainment and draws millions of tourists every year. The food streets, coffee outlets, and waterfront cafes are quite popular among the visitors.

  • VanDusen Botanical Garden

Botanical Gardens have always enticed me beyond expectations and VanDusen Botanical Garden was definitely the most colorful part of my trip. Located at 5251 Oak Street, the garden spans around 55 acres of land and serves as a wonderful habitat for thousands of rare and exotic plants, shrubs, trees, and annuals. There are beautiful ponds flanked by multi-colored foliage and blooming trees. If you visit during the autumn months, you can enjoy the sight of colorful autumn trees. Some of the highlights of the place are the seasonal fragrance garden, a heritage vegetable garden, a black garden, a heather garden, and the Sino Himalayan Garden.